Monday, March 27, 2006

mutiara di dasar hati =)

sabtu lepas we had ceramah "tepuk dada tanya iman".n i just finished reading "nikmatnya pacaran setelah pernikahan".bibit2 keinsafan mula subur di dada.ya Allah,manisnya keimanan terhadapmu.sesungguhnya lelaki yg baik utk perempuan yg baik(An Nisa'24:26).kenapa nak cari jodoh yg baik?sbb kite nak pasangan yg mempunyai kehendak yg sama dgn kite iaitu mencari keredhaan Allah.kenape nk cari keredhaan Allah?sebab kite tahu hidup di dunia nih sementara.n kite hidup nih semate2 nak cari bekalan ke akhirat,tempat yg kekal abadi.cemane nk dpt jodoh yg baik?kenelah perbaiki diri dan akhlak.ya Allah,perbaikilah akhlak dan imanku yg sememangnya serba serbi kekurangan.hidup akan indah jika semata2 n ikhlas kerana Allah.manisnya iman terhadapMU =).so guys n gals (yg masih solo di merate dunia) takyah risau pasal jodoh.takkan kite tak yakin dgn firman @ janji Allah dlm surah An Nisa' tuh.just try ur best to improve urself.percayelah di saat anda sdg membuat kebaikan @ memperbaiki diri anda ke arah kebaikan ada seorg lain di sudut dunie nih tgh buat mende yg same berniatkan semate2 kerana Allah.when the time comes,dtglah jodoh tuh.hati2 tuhkan milik Allah.die yg menggerakkan hati2 manusia.belaja bebetul duluk.hehe.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

besday bash (so called)

ecot limah baya n marlia...aku rase rindu kat korangg...mungkin sbb aku tgh usha page friendster ecot kott..*sigh
anyway last nite i stayed up late to do azzahra bulletin choosing articles to put in,fiddling n poring through the pages of a few religious books.i slept at was kak syirah's 2* besday bash!!huahua.all of us gave kak syirah a scare exactly at 12.but i(well unofficial unappointed leader)was the first to knock on her door while she was sleeping n since i was clueless wut to do right wen she opens the door i simply sergah her HAHHH!!sian kak syira not even sure why i did that.a few seconds took me to get the inspiration to take her hand n guide her to the living room.well as planned earlier as we arrive everyone started screaming n singing eppy besday loudly(almost to shatter the silent neighbourhood).eniwey we ate the delicious fresh cream cake (rase tak cukup=( ) n presented out our present to her.the unpalnned part was to play the truth or dare game afterwards(in the midst of everyone's sleepiness).predictably,choosing the truth part definitely means u'll be bombarded wif ur dirty little secret crushes a.k.a love life(gals just can never breakaway wif dis stuff,don they? =p).a few gave in n did confess honestly.WAH!as the tables are turned on me i chose the wiser path by picking "dare" instead of truth refusing to reveal my private love life (*wink-wink:hehehe).that was easy as everyone noe im just capable to do anything.huhaha.i will not write wut i did anyhow.hehe(konon2 misterilahh tuhh)

we already had a netball net hung on our big front yard tree(thanks to my so called "ajk sukan" initiation.everyone seems to have fun playing without professional training or experience.i just pity the neighbourhood for having to put up wif the increasing quantity or intensity of screaming that we had been spreading supposed to do my revision.i have an assignment to be finished.i have to find my tutorial materials.but here i am still lazing around.

i promise musashi i will do the meme later (wut is a meme eniwey?)

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

are u afraid of the hospital??


gun owners vs medical practitioner
900X death risk by medical practitioners..

air flight vs medical practitioner
10 000x u are more likely to die in the hands of medical practitioners
than in air flight...huhaha...
(death risk in medical case 1 in 2000)
(death risk in an air flight journey 1 in 2 millions)

now be really afraid to go to hospital!haha..well..people have this mindset that we are more likely to die in an airplane than getting treatment in a hospital since is being regarded as kinda sacred place where u seek for cure n ur living hope is renewed.guess that we have to give it a second thoughts.herm..i've been thinking bout specializing in surgery(heh..berangan..insyaAllah)..this matter scares me..hihi

p/s:i kinda like dr adi utarini's style of teachingg..cewll..hehe..anyway i think all public helth lecturers are very good,confident,n VERY knowledgeable..hehe..

Monday, March 20, 2006

im bored

im currently bored wif my life a.k.a blok 5 dat we're learning.i dun mean to sound soo boring but actually just to get this off my chest.well..i keep complaining dis especially to kePPPAm which is sitting right behind me at dis mo (kepam dahagakan populariti murahan)---->owh nak empathy sbb demam.haha.aku kan bengiss.(korg mesti tak phm)

papelaa..eniwey aku tlah menghabiskan hujung minggu dgn membace angels and gak.tapi takley lawan da vinci's code.cume aku bangge yg aku dpt teke sape culprit de tanpe melihat endingnye..haha...rasenye aku dah dpt teke rentak dan's brown..hukahak.
erm lagi...ha, nutritionist arituh kitorg menang..30 lbey melawan 6..hahaha..gempak jugaklah...kak aliah mengamukk...shoot dgn jayanye..aku jadi defender...ganas gak aku main time tuh..yela..tgh naik syeh..hehee...yg pastinye mmg best arr..puas ati arr..a gug game..very indeed..dak laki pon mnang nx weet plak lawan lagi..doakan kegempakan kitorg..hahahaha

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

hello...xde soalan yg susah lagi ker?

uwaaa...soalan takde yg lebey senang ker??hish pressure aku pressure tau tak...huhu..
yg plg aku geram tuh aku mmg slalu sgt bulatkan jawapan pastuh padam balik tuko jwpn lain.dari dulue.huh.aku dah agak dah...tapi aku buat jugak...
huhuhu...eniwey sok xm anatomy lab...2 more exams to come..tlglah aku ya Allah aku tak stat stadi anat n taktau nk stadi ape.bagilah aku hidayahhh...kuhukuhuuu

Monday, March 06, 2006

lots of misses~

mummy called me on da 2nd march.1st march was her so glad dat she sounded so hepi after me worrying dat she might feel distress due to all of her anak dara is dispersed everywer.hehe.kak huda just got posting in klcc,career management carigali petronas.congrats dearie!u go she's staying in kl now.wif kak kima.
n wif tma stranded in mrsm mersing.dey visited her in da hostel n she cried.haha.da gangster gal had finally found her way home!haha.let her learn to cherish her family more!hehe.but despite that still menyempat crite yg kene gosip wif da most handsome guy in her batch.herm tak abes2 stealing da most gud looking guy around.kawen cepat2la.mumy pon kinda miss tma's bickering.nana plak skang dah tau A-Z.skang blaja mengeja.mak kate de kiut gle.ish geram nye aku..nantile tunggu aku balik jun nih.rindu gle kat mum's left alone wif cune n da two boys man n mishad.yesterday was mishad's besday too.i miss mishad too...i cant believe i actually miss da boys.mcm tersentuh plak dgr suare de smlm.yela slame nih mane pnah fon ckp ngan mishad.mishad dajah5.miss nk borak2 n kaco de.miss nak let him sit on my lap on da car.mis nak usap pale de.mis nak ejek de uncle scrooge@mate duitan.mis nk ejek de makan gelojoh.miss...miss..miss..miss..huhu.
i've berfoye2 too much for now.i have a week of examinations coming.u ought to b stadying now toyy!!huhu.otai ar aku nih.lepas meeting exco sukan tadi terus online dah 2jam.hehe.
keyla pade kengkawan sume..toten kurt kuden gudlak gak xm..ganbate....!~
beshnye totin nak balik weeken nih..hehe...

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

talk about dis

actually i was in the no mood to go to class today.the 7am class by dr dicky remembering his past sexual reproductive lecture that got me bored and a bit annoyed at certain moments.well as im writing dis im truely glad dat i did come to the endocrinology lecture given by him.i sat at the front row, gladly enjoying his lectures n gained quite good knowledges that hopefully insyaAllah stuck in my brain.well i few things about life that i feel i wanna share n preach about...

talk about redha.i got an eyesore dis morning dat i suspected of conjunctivitis probably infected from iman.i told myself neva mind if u'll look ugly today.u will look ok if ur heart n kindness glow.keke(poyo).sbenarnye dlm hati dah mule nak merungut tapi tetbe teringat kita mestilah redha dgn apa yg Allah tentukan tak kire baik @ buruk.alhamdulillah bile redha rase cam dah ok plak skang nih.bukan bile Allah bagi bende2 best jek kite redha n xm.kalo dpt result ok happy, tapi kalo dpt result terok mulelah pk yg bukan2 cam Allah tak syg kat kitelah apelah.pastuh kalo dpt ok lak ade jek yg tak kene.tgk org yg dpt lebey drp kitelahh.hish2.nih crite benar nih bukan bohong.tulah manusie.tak penah nak bersyukur.padahal kalo Allah taknak bagi ape2 tuh boley jek.wlaopon kite dah usaha gile2.sebab segale sesuatu tuh pon Allah punye.kalau de nk bagi alhamdulillah jadi jadilah manusia yg redha dlm ape jua keadaan sekalipon.sesungguhnye aku dah rase takde mood nk tulis lagih.haha.sambung esoklah.dah bnyk dah makhkluk2 lain dtg nih.hilang konsentrasi aku